Founded by hospitality specialists, we built The Passport Group recognizing the importance of relationships. Our talented and dedicated team hold a combined 60 years of experience as a hospitality company, bringing our extensive contact network and an innovative perspective to your hospitality investment endeavors. What makes us one of the most efficient and effective hospitality companies in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond is our flexibility, creativity, and dedication to achieve client success and satisfaction.

Award Winning Hospitality Company

Creativity, Flexibility, Confidence


Streamlined processes, effective communication and positive outcomes are the pillars of our success as a hospitality company. Viewing hotel transactions from a new perspective is what makes The Passport Group stand out from other hospitality companies. Our creativity and flexibility offer our clients powerful tools throughout the process.

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Full-service expertise dedicated to the hospitality industry.

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Stabilize and manage transitional assets.

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A fresh and direct look on hotel management.

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What To Expect From Passport Group

As a full-service hospitality real estate company, we provide straightforward, experience-backed advice and detailed market research to meet your strategic goals. Relationships and communication are the cornerstones of our business, as is our dedication to protecting our clients’ interests.

The Passport Group’s expertise speaks for itself.

Our extensive hospitality experience and innovative approach help you turn your hospitality investment goals into reality.


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